When the Mustang was introduced in April of 1964 at the New York World’s Fair, the National Council of Mustang Clubs was founded in Dearborn, Michigan.  The NCMC was born of the National Council of Falcon Clubs and for a short time; these organizations were known as the National Council of Falcon/Mustang Clubs. 

Holmes Tuttle Ford’s Falcon Owners Club was an active group of enthusiasts who loved their road and driving events.   Across the U.S., Mustang Mania swept car enthusiasts off their feet, and here in Tucson, out of their Falcons!  The dealer representative for the clubs naturally chose a Mustang as his dealer car and was soon taking those Falcons in on trade for a new Mustang. 

 In May of 1965, the decision was made to change the club’s name to The Southern Arizona Mustang Club.
We are excited each year to see the latest model of Mustang. A new model insures the continuance of our favorite car and our hobby’s future.  From 1964 to today, SAMC has changed and grown over the years.  Our children have grown up and now drive Mustangs, some Mustangers have moved on to other interests, and a few have moved to Higher Rewards.  

We have learned to appreciate all years of the Mustang and the different personalities that come with each Mustang enthusiast.  We realize not every event appeals to every Mustanger.  Some Mustanger's only want to participate in car shows.  Many more enjoy driving their cars on road trips or in competitive racing events.  SAMC is successful because there is something for almost everyone.  We have learned not to concentrate on only one type of event, but to enjoy each piece of the whole.   We look forward to the next decade as we grow older and welcome a new generation of Mustangers into the SAMC Family!

SAMC members are a busy bunch and in between all the activities, cruises and car shows, they somehow find time to modify or restore their Mustangs.  Members help each other with projects, trade parts, or watch eBay for bargains.

Our Mascot:
Wherever we go in our Mustangs, someone will ask, “Why do you have a Snoopy on your car?”   The answer is easy.  Snoopy is our Mascot and he attends all our meets. 

Snoopy truly is a crowd pleaser and SAMC could not have chosen a more suitable role model.  Snoopy’s personality has a certain irreverence that owners of classic cars can relate to; they don’t always treat their owners with the devotion we expect. Snoopy is a philosopher and sometimes he says exactly what we were thinking. 

Snoopy has some great friends.  We all know someone exactly like his Peanuts friends.  Finally, he laughs. He dares to laugh when we try to be serious.   As long as we have Snoopy along for the ride, SAMC will have fun, keeping us young and happy.   Now, aren’t you glad Snoopy is our mascot?

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